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Flying high isn’t always strength

Small bird
(Digital oil paint image created using a photo from PixaBay)

Once upon a time, in a secret place surrounded by tall mountains, there was a baby bird named Pip.

Pip was not like his brothers and sisters, while they could easily fly through the sky, Pip found it hard.

His wings were small, and whenever he tried to fly, he ended up falling clumsily.

Feeling sad, Pip spent his days sitting on the edge of the valley, watching his siblings play in the clouds.

He felt jealous and unsure of himself.

One day, an old owl called Hoot noticed how unhappy Pip was.

Hoot landed next to him and asked, “Why are you so sad, little bird?” Pip told him everything, explaining how his weak wings made him unable to fly properly.

Hoot listened carefully and then said, “Pip, even though your wings are small, you have a strong heart. Look around you.”

Pip looked at the valley and saw many beautiful flowers and fruit trees. “But what does that have to do with flying?” he asked.

Hoot smiled and replied, “You see, Pip, not everyone has to fly high in the sky. You have your own strengths. Your small size lets you move between branches easily, picking the best berries and gathering sweet pollen. You can reach places your siblings can’t.”

Pip felt hopeful for the first time. He never thought being small could be a good thing. Hoot went on, “Strength can be shown in different ways, Pip. It’s not just about flying high, but about using your special talents to move through life.”

Inspired by Hoot’s words, Pip practiced moving between branches and getting better at it.

He learned to find the ripest berries and the most hidden flowers.

Soon, his siblings were jealous of him, not because he could fly well, but because he could find the tastiest food.

Moral of the story

True success comes from discovering and using your own talents, not trying to be like others.

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