(Digital oil paint image created using a photo from PixaBay)

In a quiet beautiful village, there was a nice old lady named Elsie.

Elsie was known for being very kind and finding happiness in simple things.

One day, a little boy named Sam asked her, “Why are you always so happy, Grandma Elsie?”

Elsie smiled and took Sam to her garden.

There, a tall sunflower stood among other flowers.

She said, “Look, Sam, life is like this sunflower. It looks at the sun, no matter what.”

“When the sun shines bright, the sunflower enjoys the warmth. If clouds cover the sky, it stands tall, waiting for the sun to come out.”

“Even on stormy days, when it rains a lot, the sunflower stays strong, knowing that behind the clouds, the sun is still shining.”

“We can apply the same for our lives too. Even when facing difficulties, it’s important to focus on positive thoughts and outcomes.”

As Sam got older, he faced some difficult times. But he remembered what Elsie told him.

When things were tough, he looked for good things, just like finding the sun behind the clouds.

After many years, Sam became a person who started his own business and helped others.

When people asked why he was so happy, he would share what Elsie taught him.

“Life can be hard, but if we look for good things, we can find the strength to grow and make the world a warmer place.”

Moral of the story

Staying positive and finding joy during challenges can make life fulfilling and meaningful.

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