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The Creative Carpenter

(Digital oil paint image created using a photo from PixaBay)

Once in a small village, there was a creative carpenter named Harry.

People knew him because he could make ordinary pieces of wood into beautiful art.

One day, a boy named Jake asked Harry, “How did you become such a good carpenter?”

Harry smiled and said, “Come to my workshop, and I’ll tell you.”

He started to share his story:

“A long time ago, I was like you, excited to learn about carpentry. But I had a problem, I wasn’t patient. I wanted to make amazing things quickly. One day, an old carpenter saw I was too impatient and decided to teach me a lesson.”

“He gave me a small piece of wood and said, ‘Make something beautiful, but take your time.’ I was confused. The wood seemed too simple, and I wanted a harder job. But I accepted it.”

“Days became weeks, and I carefully carved and shaped that piece of wood. I faced problems and made mistakes, but I didn’t give up. Finally, I showed him a simple, pretty wooden dove. The old carpenter said, ‘Patience is important in carpentry. It’s not about the job’s size but how much effort and time you put into it.'”

Jake listened closely, wanting to know more.

Harry said, “That lesson changed how I thought. I started being patient and dedicated to every piece of wood. My skills got better, and I made detailed art. It’s not about how hard the job is; it’s about the time and effort you give.”

As Harry finished, he gave Jake a small piece of wood. “Start with this. Remember, great things need patience and hard work.”

Moral of the story

Big achievements are not overnight miracles but come with time, dedication and hard work.

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