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Wrinkled hands of an old man
(Digital oil paint image created using a photo from PixaBay)

An old farmer became too weak to work in the fields.

So he spent his days sitting on the porch.

His son, who was still working on the farm, thought his father was no longer useful.

One day, the frustrated son built a wooden coffin and asked his father to get inside.

Without saying a word, the father did as he was told.

The son closed the lid, dragged the coffin to the edge of a high cliff.

Then he heard a tapping sound from inside.

Opening the lid, the son saw his father lying peacefully.

The father said, “You can throw me over the cliff if you want, but save this good wooden coffin. Your children might need it.”

Moral of the story

Every human being in this world has inherent values.

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