Old man
(Digital oil paint image created using a photo from PixaBay)

In a small village, there was an elderly man who had become quite unpopular among the villagers.

His eternal gloominess, constant complaints, and ever-present bad mood had worn down the patience of the entire community.

As the years passed, he grew even more unpleasant, and his words became increasingly poisonous.

People actively avoided him, fearing that his negativity was contagious and would bring them misfortune.

One day, when the old man reached the age of eighty, something extraordinary occurred.

A rumor spread like wildfire through the village: “The old man is actually happy today! He’s not complaining, he’s smiling, and his whole demeanor seems refreshed.”

The whole village gathered around him in curiosity, eager to know the reason for this sudden change.

Curious faces questioned him, “What happened to you?”

The old man calmly replied, “Nothing special. For eighty years, I’ve been relentlessly pursuing happiness, but it was all in vain.”

“Then, I made a decision to live without constantly seeking happiness from outside and simply started to enjoy life. That’s why I’m happy now.”

Moral of the story

Don’t look for happiness from outside, happiness exists within you.

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