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Dog's legs
(Digital oil paint image created using a photo from PixaBay)

Once, a dog went into a special museum with lots of mirrors.

The walls, ceiling, doors, and floors were all made of mirrors, which was different and interesting.

When the dog saw himself in the mirrors, he got surprised and stopped in the middle of the hall.

He saw many other dogs all around him, on every side, even above and below him.

The dog showed his teeth and barked, and all the other dog reflections did the same. The dog got scared and barked even more.

Each bark made an echo, like a loud repeating sound.

The dog moved from side to side, and his reflections did the same.

It looked like he was playing with many dogs, but it made him tired.

The next morning, guards in the museum found the dog lying down, not moving, surrounded by many reflections of the same sad dog.

Nobody hurt the dog and he didn’t have a fight with anyone.

The dog passed away after playing too much with his reflections.

It was like he battled with himself and got very tired.

Moral of the story

The world is like a big mirror, it reflects our thoughts and actions, whatever you do comes back to you. So always do good and say good.

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