An Eagle flies in the sky
(Digital oil paint image created using a photo from PixaBay)

Once upon a time, a kind person gave two baby eagles to the King as a present.

These baby eagles were really special, and the king had never seen eagles as wonderful as them before.

The king was happy and decided to find someone experienced to take care of them.

As time passed, the eagles grew bigger and looked even more amazing. The king wanted to see them fly, so he told the person taking care of them, “I want to see their flight.

Signal them to fly in the sky.” The person did as the king asked. Both eagles started flapping their wings when they saw the signal.

However, while one eagle soared high into the sky, the other only flew for a short time and returned to the branch where it started.

This puzzled the king. He wanted to know why one eagle wasn’t trying to fly like the other.

The king asked the caretaker, “Why does one eagle fly so well while the other one doesn’t try to fly?”

The caretaker explained, “The second eagle has always been like this. It never leaves the branch.”

The king really liked both eagles and desperately wanted to see the second one fly high.

So, he announced to everyone in the kingdom that whoever could make the second eagle fly higher would receive a big reward.

Many smart and knowledgeable people tried to help the eagle fly high, but none of them succeeded.

Even after a couple of weeks, there was no improvement. The king started losing hope.

Then, one day, something amazing happened. The king saw both eagles flying high in the sky. He couldn’t believe it and called the caretaker immediately.

The caretaker told the king, “Yes, the second eagle is flying high now. One person succeeded in making it fly.”

The king asked to meet the person who accomplished this, and the next day, a simple farmer was brought before the king.

After rewarding the farmer, the king was eager to know the secret and asked the farmer, “I am very pleased with you. Please tell me how you did what the scholars and highly qualified people couldn’t do.”

The farmer replied, “Your highness, I am just a simple farmer. I don’t have the knowledge of scholars. I just cut down the branch where the eagle used to sit. Without the branch, the eagle had no choice but to fly. And it did very well.”

Moral of the story

You cannot realize your potential until you change the way you live.

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