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A beautiful road
(Digital oil paint image created using a photo from PixaBay)

Once upon a time a king wanted to see how people would act on challenges they face, so he did a little experiment.

He put a big rock in the middle of a busy street and hid nearby to watch.

First, some rich merchants walked by.

They didn’t try to move the rock, instead they complained that the king wasn’t taking care of the roads.

Then, a simple farmer carrying a lot of food for his family came along.

When he saw the rock, he put down his groceries and tried to move it so that everyone could pass easily.

It was hard work, but the farmer managed to move the rock.

As he continued on his way, he found a bag on the road where the rock used to be.

When he opened the bag, he was happy to see it was full of gold coins and a letter from the king.

The letter said the gold was a reward for the farmer’s kind act of moving the rock, making the road clear for others.

The king gave the gift to show his thanks for the farmer’s hard work and caring attitude.

Moral of the story

If there’s a task to do, don’t wait for someone else. Instead, do it yourself to help the people who come after you.

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