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Don’t talk about problems repeatedly

People talking
(Digital oil paint image created using a photo from PixaBay)

Once, a smart man was with a bunch of people who kept talking about the same problems all the time.

One day, instead of listening to their problems, he told them a funny joke.

Everybody laughed a lot.

After that, he told the joke again.

Some people just smiled this time.

Then, he told the joke a third time, but nobody laughed or smiled.

The man smiled and said,

“You know, you don’t find a joke funny if you hear it too many times.

So, why keep talking about the same problem over and over?

It’s like telling the same joke again and again, it doesn’t make things better.”

Moral of the story

If you keep talking about the same problem without doing anything to solve it, you won’t make any progress.

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